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Re: Heads up: lang/go now uses pkg_alternatives

On Tue, Jul 17, 2018 at 10:52 AM <> wrote:

> Right, I wasn't upset, so I didn't tell you how stupid it was. We did
> discuss how insane it is to make a package for netbsd-6 on IRC, and I
> used it in an example asking netbsd to kill off netbsd-6

Yes, doing it just for netbsd-6 is not worth it. However, I feel like
it is genuinely the right thing to do, as it gives users the freedom
to move to a different major version when they want. This matches what
we do for Python and Ruby too.

It also makes it a bit easier to do fixes on the stable branches:
Let's say current has 1.11 and stable has 1.10. In the new model,
current can keep 1.10 around, and pulling up a security fix is as easy
as applying it to go110 _and_ go111 followed by a standard pullup.


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