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Re: Heads up: lang/go now uses pkg_alternatives

On Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 10:27 PM <> wrote:
> Please revert. Nobody cares about continued support of netbsd-6. This
> hurts all other users because nobody knows what pkg-alternatives is.

This was discussed at pkgsrcCon, though I did not directly ask you for
your opinion, sorry.

I don't see pkg_alternatives as a big issue.

For a casual, non-developer user, they probably install Go as a build
dependency of something else, e.g. syncthing or caddy. These builds
are being fixed so they work correctly without pkg_alternatives.

For someone who actually wants to invoke the go tool after installing
Go, they are probably slightly more sophisticated, so hopefully they
know about pkg_alternatives. Maybe we could build a bridge for these
users by adding a MESSAGE telling them about it? I think that would be
a reasonable thing to do.

The same argument could be made for why there is no $PREFIX/bin/python
after installing a Python package, unless you install


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