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Re: howto update mail/alpine in pkgsrc

On Fri, 6 Jul 2018, the wise Greg Troxel wrote:

Two options:

 run cvs diff (with -N if needed, e.g. if you created patches).  Also
 write the commit message that should be used, if you can.  use send-pr
 to send this.

What should "cvs diff" produce? Afaics nothing is done. I'm also not sure what to do with send-pr. I'm not able to select /usr/pkgsrc/mail/alpine or something.

 get an account for pkgsrc-wip, described at and
 commit an updated version.  Place in COMMIT_MESSAGE or similar the
 text that should be used for the commit to pkgsrc proper.  After
 verifying it with pkglint and building with PKG_DEVELOPER=yes, feel
 free to send a note here.

I installed devel/git and got the sources. It created pkgsrc/wip, but what to do next? The site doesn't tell how to upload a diff or how to upload the changes made to /usr/pkgsrc/<category>/<pkgname>.

Sorry for the newbie-ish questions.

The Computer made me do it.

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