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Re: packages w/introspection option out-of-order update

On Mon, 25 Jun 2018, Greg Troxel wrote:

> "John D. Baker" <> writes:
> > So far, I ran into:
> >
> >   clutter-gtk <- clutter <- {cogl,json-glib}
> >   gst-plugins1-base <- gstreamer1

Maybe not a pkg_rr thing at all.  Probably stale packages built during
the time when "introspection" was being thwarted by (as yet not understood)
toolchain problems.

"graphics/cogl", "textproc/json-glib", "graphics/clutter", and
"multimedia/gstreamer1" were all missing their various "Foo-X.Y.gir"
files which were needed when building "graphics/clutter-gtk" and

They all gained default-enabled "introspection" options long ago (4+
years!) but the package has remained the same.  Thus they were considered
up-to-date, but "clutter-gtk" and "gst-plugins1-base" needed updating.

With "introspection" no-longer disabled locally, they must have run into
dependencies built back when "introspection" _was_ disabled locally but
did not change version/pkgrevision in the meantime.

That seems more likely the case.  If you built with "introspection"
disabled at some point and now build with it enabled, watch out for
such stale dependencies.

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