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Re: packages w/introspection option out-of-order update

On Mon, 25 Jun 2018, Martin Husemann wrote:

> Also note that introspection *used* to cause random fallout and build
> failures, but all know issues have been fixed in the meantime, so
> generic "disable introspection" suggestions from older times do not
> apply any more.

Yes, the old build failures were fixed (toolchain problem) and I have
removed any "-introspection" option flags from my build process.

The problem I observed seems to have stemmed from packages which gained
the "introspection" option, default enabled, after a previous update.
They were considered up-to-date and not rebuilt, but had not included
the "Foo-X.Y.gir" file(s) expected by later dependent packages.

Perhaps these packages should have had a PKGREVISION bump when the option
was added, as it appears that introspection was not enabled before the
option was added.

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