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Re: Breakage in libdrm

I'm also running into this problem with i386 7.1.1 and current pkgsrc.

I try to build cairo from today and MesaLib gets pulled in as a
dependency and fails to build

 checking for OPENSSL... no
 checking for SHA1 implementation... libc
 checking for LIBUDEV... no
 checking for LIBDEVQ... no
 Please specify at least one package name on the command line.
 --print-errors: not found
 checking for GLPROTO... yes
 configure: error: Direct rendering requires libdrm >= 2.4.60
 *** Error code 1

 bmake[12]: stopped in /home/scole/nbsd/cvs/pkgsrc/graphics/MesaLib

I don't think I have drm installed, and cairo installed fine from
pkgsrc-2017Q4 without pulling in any MesaLib dependency.

Let me know if submitting a PR would be useful.


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