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Breakage in libdrm

I recently did a pkg_chk -uas to rebuild any updated source packages, one of which was Seamonkey.  In the process, Seamonkey tries to rebuild MesaLib, and MesaLib for some reason tries to install libdrm.

Libdrm crashes when it tries to compile a file called modeprint.c.  The error message is:

Making all in modeprint
  CC       modeprint.o
modeprint.c: In function 'printProperty':
modeprint.c:129:19: warning: format '%lld' expects argument of type 'long long int', but argument 2 has type '__u64 {aka long unsigned int}' [-Wformat=]
    printf("\t\t%lld = %s\n", props->enums[j].value, props->enums[j].name);
  CCLD     modeprint
modeprint.o: In function `main':
modeprint.c:(.text.startup+0x205): undefined reference to `drmModeGetConnectorCurrent'

As far as I know, I have never installed libdrm and I'm not sure why it's needed now.  Thanks for your help.

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