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Re: xorgproto fallout NetBSD 7.1-STABLE in pkgcomp chroot

On Tue, 13 Mar 2018, the wise Mike Pumford wrote:

I'm trying to build packages with X11_TYPE=native on 7.1 stable but I keep running into situations where it goes off and installs the modular X11 libraries and components from pkgsrc.

I do my builds in a pkg_comp1 chroot on an 8.0-BETA system using libkver so I suspect something about that setup is causing trouble. Looking at the x11-links build output I see:

PKG_COMP ==> Building and installing pkgtools/x11-links make[1]: "../../mk/buildlink3/../../mk/buildlink3/" line 55: warning: Couldn't read shell's output for "/usr/bin/sed -n -e 's/Version: 7\.0\.31/2018.1/p' /usr/X11R7/lib/pkgconfig/xproto.pc" make: "../../mk/buildlink3/../../mk/buildlink3/" line 55: warning: Couldn't read shell's output for "/usr/bin/sed -n -e 's/Version: 7\.0\.31/2018.1/p' /usr/X11R7/lib/pkgconfig/xproto.pc"

7.0.31 is the xproto version for the 8.0-BETA system but the X sets in the chroot have version 7.0.26 (which is why the sed command fails).

I did try and puzzle my way through but I couldn't figure out where it was picking up the version numver to use on the left hand side of the sed substitution. Happy to dig further is someone can give me a few clues as to how I can trace or debug what is going on a bit further.

I'm getting a lot of these messages since a few days when trying to install anything X11 related. It all seems related to xproto or xorgproto.

Result is that any pkgsrc port related to X11 fails to install.

I'm running NetBSD 7.1.1/i386 and tried both pkgsrc current and stable, but every time run into the same problem.

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