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Re: xorgproto fallout NetBSD 7.1-STABLE in pkgcomp chroot

On 13/03/2018 22:05, Mike Pumford wrote:
On 13/03/2018 21:38, Mike Pumford wrote:

I did try and puzzle my way through but I couldn't figure out where it was picking up the version numver to use on the left hand side of the sed substitution. Happy to dig further is someone can give me a few clues as to how I can trace or debug what is going on a bit further.

A bit of further digging and I did find out where that version came from the x11/xorgproto/ file.

Just trying a build now with the version spec relaxed to allow any 2 chars for the last 2 version digits.

Well that stops the sed error but the build still goes wrong:

=> Returning to build of pango-1.40.14nb1
=> Build dependency cwrappers>=20150314: found cwrappers-20171108
=> Full dependency libXft>=2.3.2nb2: NOT found

This is despite the fact that my 7.1 xorg already has libXft 2.3.2 (at least according to the xft.pc in /usr/X11R7/lib/pkgconfig

Looking at in the xft package that uses awk to extract the version from the header file. Assuming that the double $ in the makefile is escaping to get a single $ into the awk command that gets run I don't see why that awk command wouldn't produce 2.3.2. on both 7.1 & 8.0-BETA.

I'll keep digging but I'm open to suggestions. :)

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