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amd64/8.0 packages now 2017Q3


I've just now re-pointed the symlink at

to the packages based on the 2017Q3 branch; earlier it pointed to the
2017Q2 packages.  This means that if you use the above name (or the
corresponding URL) in e.g. your pkgin configuration,
new packages are now available.

The 2017Q4 packages have also been built, but have not yet been
uploaded.  I hope to be able to complete the upload of the 2017Q4
packages within a week or so.

The packages have been built on a machine which claims to run 8.0, but
since that's not released yet, the machine is actually running the
8.0_BETA software, last updated December 10 last year; I've just
tweaked the comment in my own sys/sys/param.h before the last kernel


- Håvard

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