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Re: Problem with mplayer SDL control key assignment

On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 11:42:55AM +0000, wrote:
> I've been playing around with this older laptop. It has an intel chipset 
> that is supported, but not real well. It has not and never will be a 
> machine for watching HD video.
> Outside of X, mplayer will present excellent video at resolutions like 
> 854x480. With codec like xvid and h264, anyway. Forget about h265 at 
> that resolution. It does this better outside of X will using the SDL 
> video output, than it does with any video output while inside of X.
> As of right now, if I felt the need to watch some leture off downloaded 
> from Youtube, I could do it. Just as long as the resolution wasn't to 
> high, or I didn't mind downscaling it and using a lighter video codec. 
> This after having downloaded the video with a script, from outside of 
> too.
> This came as a suprise to me that this works, and I've wondered if it 
> works because of still using SDL1.2. I don't really know why. I had to 
> enable aalib support manually to even have that. Haven't figured out if 
> I can get caca to work, as of yet.
> So the downfall of using SDL, is that I need to be root permissions. For 
> this little play project, that is fine.
> The question I have, is if there is something I can do to prevent 
> mplayer/SDL from altering the key binding or localization. Not sure what 
> is going on. = is esc or q or some key that terminates playback. This 
> only happens with the SDL video output. aalib is fine.
> So here is the output of the SDL video output, without root permissions.
> WSCONS error: open /dev/wsmouse: Permission denied [VO_SDL] 
> initialization failed: open/wsmouse Permission denied. Error 
> opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device.
> But like I said, there is no machine lock up, if the video isn't too 
> mean, while runing as root.
> Not exactly without X, since the default drive for SDL is its own x11 
> driver. You won't have any luck driving video with anything other of 
> SDL's drivers.
> But Xorg is running.
> Probably not a difficult fix, but I know little about this area.

Err, I meant to say, "But Xorg is not running".

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