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Problem with mplayer SDL control key assignment

I've been playing around with this older laptop. It has an intel chipset 
that is supported, but not real well. It has not and never will be a 
machine for watching HD video.

Outside of X, mplayer will present excellent video at resolutions like 
854x480. With codec like xvid and h264, anyway. Forget about h265 at 
that resolution. It does this better outside of X will using the SDL 
video output, than it does with any video output while inside of X.

As of right now, if I felt the need to watch some leture off downloaded 
from Youtube, I could do it. Just as long as the resolution wasn't to 
high, or I didn't mind downscaling it and using a lighter video codec. 
This after having downloaded the video with a script, from outside of 

This came as a suprise to me that this works, and I've wondered if it 
works because of still using SDL1.2. I don't really know why. I had to 
enable aalib support manually to even have that. Haven't figured out if 
I can get caca to work, as of yet.

So the downfall of using SDL, is that I need to be root permissions. For 
this little play project, that is fine.

The question I have, is if there is something I can do to prevent 
mplayer/SDL from altering the key binding or localization. Not sure what 
is going on. = is esc or q or some key that terminates playback. This 
only happens with the SDL video output. aalib is fine.

So here is the output of the SDL video output, without root permissions.

WSCONS error: open /dev/wsmouse: Permission denied [VO_SDL] 
initialization failed: open/wsmouse Permission denied. Error 
opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device.

But like I said, there is no machine lock up, if the video isn't too 
mean, while runing as root.

Not exactly without X, since the default drive for SDL is its own x11 
driver. You won't have any luck driving video with anything other of 
SDL's drivers.

But Xorg is running.

Probably not a difficult fix, but I know little about this area.

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