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Re: pkg-config wrapper doesn't find libarchive.pc

Aleksej Lebedev <> writes:

>     .include "../../archivers/libarchive/"
>     .include "../../mk/"
> Xbps' configure script executes the pkg-config wrapper from
> /var/tmp/pkgsrc-obj/wip/xbps/work/.tools/bin/pkg-config
> which looks for pc-files in
> var/tmp/pkgsrc-obj/wip/xbps/work/.buildlink/lib/pkgconfig &
> /var/tmp/pkgsrc-obj/wip/xbps/work/.buildlink/share/pkgconfig.
> And indeed libarchive.pc is not in there.

Is the bl3 file deciding to use a builtin libarchive (which doesn't seem
to have a pc file) rather than the package?

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