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Re: gobject-introspection is like, the worst. SOLVED (at least for me)

Well, for what I could see, the problem with gobject-introspection and python2.7 abort (seg fault).
for me seems SOLVED. I built all the system (6.1.5, 8.0) from pkgsrc -2017Q1 using gcc48
I build gcc48, perl with the base gcc, than configure /etc/mk.conf to build all using gcc48 and gcc48-libs
see the /etc/mk.conf and other stuff on
I built all the MATE desktop (644) packages with mate, gdm18, firefox, evolution, inkscape, mplayer, totem, gimp, geda, pcb, cups15...
full functional it took me 2 weeks, the system builds and works as expected, the only issue is HAL and removable pen-drive
that needs some work on loading/unloading usb stack

I built the system basically on 6.1.5(i386) using VirtualBOX, and 8.0(arm RPI) bare metal.
Yes, the full mate desktop on RPI2 and RPI3 (using evbarm6hf)

I choose NetBSD 6.1.5 because my OLD hp zv5000 Pentium2 ONLY BOOTS on version 6.X

if someone wants to test it can point the PKG_PATH to

and pkg_add -v mate
it installs all the mate desktop, make sure you have the user avahi installed... BEFORE as the script on net/avahi does not create user properly,
and I will fix it later

some tweeks are necessary in /etc/rc.conf
and /usr/pkg/etc/gdm/custom.conf


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