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Re: devel/ncurses build error

  [ncurses trouble]


  build what you want, and let pkgsrc choose the ncursees variant

  pkgsrc has a framework to choose curses flavor, from various things in
  pkgsrc and builtin to your OS.   This is fairly new and it is likely
  there are a few remaining issues on various platforms.

  when posting errors, specify your OS name, version, and compiler

  pkgsrc is basically setting up a restricted build environment to hide
  things not declared as dependencies and doing a build.  So you
  basically have to debug the build the same as usual, but the fix might
  involve adding a dependency.

  try adding MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no to the Makefile.  In this case, 30s of
  reading your build log suggests that the build is using an object
  before it is built.   I bet 90% I'm wrong in this, but it's easy to

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