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Re: Error running "mozilla-rootcerts install" on macOS

"J. Lewis Muir" <> writes:

>> # mozilla-rootcerts install
>> This eventually failed with exit status 1.  The last three lines of
>> output were:
>> ===
>> mozilla-rootcert-98.pem => 4bfab552.0
>> mozilla-rootcert-99.pem => 09789157.0
>> ERROR: /etc/ssl/certs already exists, aborting.
>> ===
> Below is a patch to fix this.  It checks for the existence of
> $destdir$certdir/ca-certificates.crt instead of $destdir$certdir, since
> $destdir$certdir/ca-certificates.crt is what will be written and what we
> don't want to clobber.  If the $destdir$certdir directory exists, that's
> OK.

Due to my rototilling paths based on your other report, your patch no
longer applies, but I have tried to adapt the sense of it.

Please have a look at the current version of mozilla-rootcerts and let
me know of further issues.

Sorry for taking so long to get to this.  (I kept putting it off because
I did not expect it to be quick, and indeed it was well more than an

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