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Re: problem with configure and PKG_CHECK_MODULES

On Saturday 10 June 2017 11:26:55 Thomas Klausner wrote:

> I created the package just in the last hour, so it's fine :)
>  Thomas

Hi Thomas,

I have persevered and after a few false starts I have the package
working with a usb camera attached as /dev/video0. It seems to
work fine and records an avi file and takes still images when motion
is detected. I haven't tried to see if it will work with a PCI brooktree 
capture card - I have a couple knocking around which I used a few
years ago with an ancient version of motion and I can set up a 
system up to investigate in a few days.

I don't have a login for pkg-wip so have enclosed a gzipped tar file 
of the current snapshot if so you would like to update wip files.

I will eventually feed the patches back to the developers once I 
have done some more testing and maybe tried the database bits.
At present when it builds on NetBSD is thinks its building on 
Linux - mainly due to the v4l stuff. I think I can live with that. There 
is a startup file for FreeBSD which will probably just work, but I
couldn't work out how you got put in the right place. pkglint 
complains about the config file in the PLIST, but I struggled to 
understand how to fix it. I may get around to testing it on arm 
and sun architectures, but for now its probably i386/amd64.

Thanks for your help with the configure stuff - I am slowly learning, 
but its a mountain to climb!


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