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Re: wm/fluxbox vs 'xdm' failsafe session, etc.

On Tue, 6 Jun 2017, John D. Baker wrote:

> When using the 'xdm' failsafe session (F1 or CtrlKP_Enter to enter
> password), if this is the first time starting 'fluxbox', the "~/.fluxbox"
> directory is created and at least partially populated, but no window
> decorations appear and the failsafe 'xterm' is unresponsive.

If starting a normal session with one's ".xsession" script launching
'fluxbox', it runs normally, creating and populating a default ".fluxbox"

If one immediately exits the session and restarts with a failsafe session,
'fluxbox' will again hang when started from the failsafe xterm.

If 'fluxbox' is successfully started, either by normal session or by
text-console/SSH login, making any configuration change via the fluxbox
menu will "fix" the configuration and subsequent launches from the
failsafe xterm will succeed.

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