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Where to host ChezScheme boot images

Hi, everyone!

I just added ChezScheme ( to pkgsrc/wip.

I only checked it on Linux, although I expect it to work on Mac OS X as well.

Now I am working on porting it to BSDs. In fact, I already ported it to DragonflyBSD
except that there are a few tests failing.

Anyway, for BSDs it needs binary bootstrap images (it's written in itself).

Actually ChezScheme used to support {Net,Free,Open}BSD out of the box, but now they removed bootstrap images from the repo. These images are very easy to rebuild
on any currently supported platform, for example Linux, but
in this case they need to be fetched separately by pkgsrc.

My question is where to host them? I can host them on my personal server, but is it considered OK when pkgsrc fetches binary distfiles from unofficial places?

I know it's only submitted to wip yet, but what is the right solution in general?

Aleksej Lebedev

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