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Re: Is there a way to compile gcc48 in a Raspberry pi (armv7)?

Em Qui, 2017-05-04 às 11:37 +0000, escreveu:
I believe you are running out of RAM. it's using a _lot_ of it in one
stage. You can check dmesg which will say '(out of swap (killed))' or
osmething like that.
I've added a 2GB swap file to mine to get somewhere.
Unfortunately, even with that issue resolved, I'm unable to build any
pkgsrc GCC, with a similar death for ARM, POWERPC and MIPS - it's dying
on an undefined reference to soft float things in the generated
compiler. I don't know how netbsd GCC differs.
I have a 1Gb of ram, I put a swap file on an USB HD partition, I will try
a 2GB of  swap... But I think this kind of thing should be run in another
machine (an NetBSD i386, for example) using a CROSS build, but
all the cross build options I used are unable to find the correct dependencies,
for example: I can cross build devel/cscope but not lang/gcc48, that does not find 
de dependencies of mpd, or example..Another solution (for fortran, and so fftw...)
would be to build the BASE SYSTEM with language=fortran, as I build the NetBSD on a
a FreeBSD64 and this worked like a charm... but I was unable to find the logic to build
the native gcc with the fortran... is someone could point to the solution, or bug the
developper to include ALL the gcc languages in the native compiler, it would be nice
as than with a lot of resources: FreeBSD64, 64GB of memory, 24 cores... it builds
all of NetBSD in 10 minutes (and consumes almost 700W of power...)...but works
like a charm. I live in Brazil and the idea is to have the mate-desktop running  (I solved
the gvfs and hal problem with netbsd on the i386)  and use the raspberry,banana, orange ... (pi)  to end users,
this tiny computers plus an 3g modem could serve as internet access to poor communities
that have NO way to pay for any  kind of computer.. but if they can have a small monitor (15",
a RPI Zero, keyboard and mouse, and  a 3Gmodem at 128k,
they can have access to knowledge, and so break the poverty cycle...
even with a car battery and a small monitor, with a keyboard and mouse, an email
account is enough to transmit knowledge to these people..

Any help from the NetBSD community is highly appreciated

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