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Re: doxygen and freeze

Patrick Welche <> writes:

> It turns out that python 3 support was added to doxygen in 1.8.8.
> Enable it (and update to 1.8.13), or wait until after freeze?

Let's wait, because I don't see lack of python 3 in doyxgen as actually
bothering anyone, and doygen is surely a build dependency of a lot of
problems.  My view is that every change, no matter how seemingly minor,
has risk, and we're now trying to fix things that are broken with
limited time and limited bulk runs to check for issues.

Post freeze, this is of course great - I have no idea when we will want
to flip the default python to 3, but it's good to know doxygen will not
be part of the discussion :-)

And thanks for asking rather than just doing it!

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