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Re: Resources for Pkgsrc

Hello Swift,

Swift Griggs writes:
> When folks who are pkgsrc committers want definitive documentation on 
> pkgsrc do they use this? Is it more or less up to date? I'm thinking I 
> should read it "cover to cover" because I want to become more savvy at 
> fixing my own pkgsrc woes etc... I also want to understand more of the 
> nuances of problems which are discussed on the list.

Yes, `The pkgsrc guide' is probably the best documentation about
it and reading it cover to cover (also the other parts!) is surely
a good way to learn using pkgsrc, maintaining packages and it also
gives a good overview about the pkgsrc infrastructure (the internals).

Also the `help' target for on-line documentation (e.g. `make help
topic=help') is often very handy.

> Given the number of changes I see in CVS, I also am wondering:
> Do folks coordinate mainly on the list or on IRC ? Which channels? 
> freenode->netbsd ?

For pkgsrc there is also #pkgsrc@Freenode.

> Are the high-impact changes (new compilers, new standards, etc..) made 
> "out in the open" or do they mostly happen on IRC or with just a small 
> cadre of folks discussing it off list?
> Basically, I'm trying to square the large amount of work that gets done 
> with the moderate to low amount of traffic on the list. You guys are all 
> action right? *grin*
> [...] 

Probably a mixture of all of them! IRC, MLs (tech-pkg@ in particular).
I think that private communication is usually much more rare
(especially for high-impact changes!).

Not strictly a resource but probably one of the best way to get
more involved in pkgsrc is pkgsrc-wip:


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