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pkgsrc is now in freeze for 2017Q1

The pkgsrc tree is now in freeze for the upcoming 2017Q1 branch.  The
exact branch time is TBD depending on how things seem, but will be
sometime from March 27-31.

The exact rules for freeze have varied per branch, particularly over the
last few years.  This time, the guidelines for changes are essentially
the same set of changes that are appropriate for pullup requests to the
stable branch: build fixes, security fixes, and micro version updates
that contain security fixes.

The assistance of everyone in the pkgsrc community is appreciated in
testing pkgsrc to ensure a quality branch.  Things people can do to help

  Update to pkgsrc HEAD and build the packages that you use on your
  platform.  Whether you use pbulk bulk builds (perhaps with the shiny
  new pkg_comp 2.0), pkg_rolling-replace, pkg_chk, or just manually
  build things, all testing is useful.  Please report issues to  (If you have an analysis of what's wrong and
  a suggested fix, please feel free to use tech-pkg@.)

  Set up bulk builds with reporting to pkgsrc-bulk.  While this kind of
  help is more longer term, the freeze is a great time to start doing
  bulk builds.

  Bootstrap pkgsrc on platforms you have available, especially less
  common platforms and architectures (other than NetBSD, Illumos, OS X,
  Linux).  While pkgsrc very likely still works fine on other platforms,
  if it doesn't, we want to know as soon as possible.


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