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Re: Audio output from firefox

> >Have you installed pulseaudio? I have worked around pulseaudio before
> >and had audio with Firefox. I've had to do something similar with
> >Seamonkey. I can't remember which one needed me to create a custom flag.
> >But the flag implemented to build without pulseaudio, in the one, was
> >the exact way I implemented it in the other.
> I have pulseaudio-10.0nb2 installed.

In that case, I will be slightly less helpful. 
> >If you are installing from a precomiled package, then you will have to
> >ensure that pulseaudio is configured correctly. This is because the
> >default build is dependent on pulseaudio for audio.
> All of my packages are built from sources.  And firefox is built with
> 	PKG_OPTIONS=alsa dbus gtk3 pulseaudio

I haven't been using the latest pkgsrc, but i would think building with 
alsa could present problems. I don't believe alsa is a default, but if 
it is I would build with

PKG_OPTIONS=-alsa dbus gtk3 pulseaudio

if I wanted pulseaudio. 

But I have also never built it with alsa. I would probably only do that 
if I were using pkgsrc on a linux machine.

> >If you are using a mixer of some kind, you need to make sure that it is
> >addressing pulseaudio for volume adjustments and mute. Sometimes channel
> >configurations create issues too. I think pulseaudio would adjust the OS
> >audio system volume, but it might be good not to count on that. Meaning
> >that you should make sure the OS audio volume and the pulseaudio volume
> >are both not muted and increased to an audible level.
> I have no clue about how to manipulate the audio/mixer stuff.  It used to
> "just work" (TM) without any manual steps required.

Netbsd audio can be adjusted using "mixerctl". The mixerctl manpage may 
be helpful. I believe there is some info about it in the Netbsd Guide, 
found on the Netbsd website under documentation.

I know less about pulseaudio. If you are using a desktop environment 
like Gnome, XFCE, or KDE the environment likely provides a mixer that 
can be configured for pulseaudio.

It is likely already configured correctly and not your problem.

Since you have been building with alsa, there might be some wrapper that 
provides Netbsd with an interface for pulseaudio looking for alsa. I 
have no knowledge about that. I would think that disabling alsa support 
in your build would produce a more desired result.

However, I am not all knowing and won't pretend to be.

Often I have been sure about something, only to find I didn't know 

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