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lighttpd 1.4.44 released

Dear package maintainers:

lighttpd 1.4.44 has been released!

Please package and ship it!

Please let me know if you have an questions or issues.  Thank you!

This is primarily a bugfix release from 1.4.43, almost two months ago.
All newly reported issues have been addressed and resolved.
There were some regressions in 1.4.43, so please update to 1.4.44.

This release also removes the dependency of lighttpd on mod_authn_ldap
and mod_authn_mysql.  In 1.4.43, lighttpd would attempt to load those
modules if mod_auth was loaded.  In 1.4.44, an attempt is made to load
those modules only if one is specified: auth.backend = "ldap" or "mysql"

To Debian maintainers: this release also fixes an issue with pipe2()
being present but always failing on Debian kfreebsd-gnu builds.

Cheers, Glenn

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