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Re: No sound with latest firefox under current

On Tue, Dec 20, 2016, at 16:00, Dave Tyson wrote:
> Just been rebuilding packages on an amd64 system running current.
> Sound working OK in KDE, mplayer etc. No pulseaudio installed
> deliberately!
> Installed firefox 50.1.0 and tried youtube, but no sound. Fiddled
> around but couldn't find any knobs to twiddle.
> Pulled in the firefox source for 49.2 from a few weeks ago and
> compiled/installed that - sound works perfectly.
> [...]
> Anyone else seeing this problem?

Yes, I've noticed the same thing, but haven't had time to do anything
constructive about it. Is firefox grabbing /dev/audio? Is there any
output to stdout?

-- IDL

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