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Re: No sound with latest firefox under current

On Tue, 20 Dec 2016, Dave Tyson wrote:
Just been rebuilding packages on an amd64 system running current. Sound working OK in KDE, mplayer etc. No pulseaudio installed deliberately!

That's awesome. Full Stop.

Installed firefox 50.1.0 and tried youtube, but no sound. Fiddled around but couldn't find any knobs to twiddle.

Figures. One would hope they'd realize that it's not the One-True-Sound daemon and that valid working (and far superior, IMO) alternatives are totally out there.

PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS+= -pulseaudio +oss
PKG_OPTIONS.firefox+= oss

One would think that these options alone would be enough to do it. One has to wonder if they've finally taken the plunge.

Anyone else seeing this problem?

I haven't been brave enough to try 50.1.0 yet. Sounds like it could be an issue.


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