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Re: Proposed package removals after 2016Q4

On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 09:19:05AM -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:
> > misc/libreoffice4
> > misc/libreoffice4-bin
> > misc/libreoffice43
> > misc/openoffice3
> >

Liberoffice is an enormous beast. Last I tried it took 3 hours
to build on a fairly modern machine. It's also a 220MB package
once done.
I don't know of any complaints about LibreOffice issues new to 5.

Openoffice3 hasn't built in a while as far as I can tell, and
I don't think that anyone is too interested in fixing this.

> > lang/gcc45
> > lang/gcc46
> > lang/gcc46-libs
> > lang/gcc47
> > lang/gcc47-libs
> > lang/gcc48
> > lang/gcc48-libs
> >
For GCC, these packages are still in use. All of them. A package
setting GCC_REQD+=4.5 will build gcc45 for a user of base GCC 4.2,
and if he then builds a package with GCC_REQD+=4.6, then GCC 4.6
will be built as well.

The GCC packages are not in good shape, they do not build on many 
platforms, and fixes times 10 versions is pretty hard and reaching
a point of absurdity, there isn't any particular reason to like
GCC 4.5 over GCC 4.6. 

Having a single version used when the base compiler is insufficient
would be an enormous improvement, because then there will be less
urgency in fixing all of the versions.

> > sysutils/xenkernel41
> > sysutils/xenkernel45
> > sysutils/xentools41
> > sysutils/xentools45

For Xen, there are occasional vulnerabilities reported.
Due to how people use Xen, vulnerabilities are pretty serious.

Maintainers are doing a great job of patching packages for
this, but there are now 6-7 xenkernel packages, and it's
getting very hard. Testing the changes is time-consuming,
requiring reboots to test.

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