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Re: Proposed package removals after 2016Q4

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> To summarize, we plan to remove the following packages after 2016Q4:
> misc/libreoffice4
> misc/libreoffice4-bin
> misc/libreoffice43
> misc/openoffice3
> lang/gcc45
> lang/gcc46
> lang/gcc46-libs
> lang/gcc47
> lang/gcc47-libs
> lang/gcc48
> lang/gcc48-libs
> sysutils/xenkernel41
> sysutils/xenkernel45
> sysutils/xentools41
> sysutils/xentools45

I would like to see removal proposals explain why the packages should be
removeed, how this serves the balanced interest of users and maintainers
(including that maintainers are choosign to stop, which matters), and
what the effect would be on people.  This is complicated enough that
each group probably deserves a separate thread.

In particular, I think the gcc situation is intertwined with how pkgsrc
copes with c++, and that seems messy.

With xen, I am not so sure about 45, and also why is xenkernel33 still
around?  I can see having the last PCI passthrough versions, but it
seems that's 3.1, not 3.3.

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