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Re: anyone care to see synth in action?

On 12/4/2016 09:45, Benny Siegert wrote:
I'm doing a basic basic bulk build to test synth building pkgsrc packages (pkg(8) format) on DragonFly.  It's been running 8 hours so far and seems to be working.

It should be interesting to some:

Wow, this looks super cool!

Just as a general comment: Please do not be discouraged by negative comments from the peanut gallery. I feel that you have done awesome work! Thank you for your contributions.

I will definitely give pkg(8) on pkgsrc a try. Do you happen to know if it supports Darwin?

I highly doubt that specific support has been added for Darwin, but bapt of FreeBSD is quite accepting of github pull requests to support other platforms. Several NetBSD fixes have been pulled into the current -devel version already. It's received a lot of Linux love recently as well.

So chances are good for future support but I'd be pessimistic for out-of-the-box support. I've not heard either way.


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