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Re: Nonexistent sbin/samba in net/samba4

On Dec 1, 11:53am, Manuel Hachtkemper wrote:
} >> I also stumbled upon a nonexistent sbin/samba file in net/samba4.
} > Why would you expect one to exist?
} Because the samba-rc-script from examples explicitly wants to run this file.
} > [...] rc.d/samba is for convenience.  It is a meta-rc.d
} > script which simply calls all the other samba related rc.d scripts
} > (winbindd, nmbd, smbd).  If you want to manually start or stop
} > samba, you can use rc.d/samba to get all the samba related daemons
} > at once.
} I would've hoped, that this is the use case of the samba-rc-script, but I don't see how it possibly could achieve this. This is the content of "" from HEAD:
} #
} # $NetBSD:,v 1.1 2015/05/12 12:19:52 ryoon Exp $
} #
} # PROVIDE: samba
} . /etc/rc.subr
} name="samba"
} rcvar=$name
} command="@PREFIX@/sbin/${name}"
} pidfile="@SMB_PID@/${name}.pid"
} required_files="@SMB_CONFIG@/smb.conf"
} extra_commands="reload"
} load_rc_config $name
} run_rc_command "$1"

     Okay, so this is what is in the samba4 package.  The version
in net/samba does go through each of the daemons individually.
This would indicate that there is a bug/problem with the samba4
package.  You can file a bug report if you like, since this is
clearly broken.  I don't have time right now to dig into the history
of the samba4 package to find out what the story is.

}-- End of excerpt from Manuel Hachtkemper

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