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Re: Build problem for devel/libuv - missing pthread-barrier.h ?

Hello Paul,

Paul Goyette writes:
> With pkgsrc updated to just a couple hours ago, and with all 
> prerequisite packages already installed, I'm running a
>  	cd ${PKGSRC}/devel/libuv
>  	make cleandir && make install && make package
> I'm getting the following error messages in the log file:
> => Automatic manual page handling
> pkg_create: can't stat `/tmp/pkgs/devel/libuv/work.x86_64/.destdir/usr/pkg/include/pthread-barrier.h'
> => Creating binary package /tmp/pkgs/devel/libuv/work.x86_64/.packages/libuv-1.10.0.tgz
> pkg_create: can't stat `/tmp/pkgs/devel/libuv/work.x86_64/.destdir/usr/pkg/include/pthread-barrier.h'
> pkg_create: lstat failed for file include/pthread-barrier.h: No such file or directory
> mv: rename /tmp/pkgs/devel/libuv/work.x86_64/.packages/libuv-1.10.0.tmp.tgz to /tmp/pkgs/devel/libuv/work.x86_64/.packages/libuv-1.10
> .0.tgz: No such file or directory
> *** Error code 1
> Any suggestions?
> [...]
Adding `pthread-barrier.h' to HEADERS in the pkgsrc/devel/libuv/Makefile
fixes this problem. I think that this approach is consistent considering
that also other header files probably not strictly needed are
installed (IIUC). A possible patch that does that:


I have privately contacted <adam> to discuss this issue further
(I'm not familiar with this package and not sure if other -
eventually better - solutions can be applied).

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