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Konqueror issues?

Before resorting to penguin-OS to access some crucial web sites no-longer
renderable by Firefox on NetBSD, I decided to give Konqueror a try

So far, it is no better and possibly more troublesome.  After navigating
to one of the aforementioned crucial web sites, Konqueror also loads
the enclosing page for the secure login widget but never loads/runs the
other components.  I have javascript enabled, but ignoring all UI
manipulation options--same as I have historically done for Firefox.

Thereafter, switching to a different workspace and then back to Konqueror,
it now fails to redraw its window entirely.  'top' shows it using 98%
of CPU (NetBSD/amd64-7.0_STABLE, HTT single-core 64-bit pentium4).  

Having started it from a terminal window, I noticed the following
message repeated over and over:

kded(13241) Kded::loadModule: Could not load library "kded_kcookiejar" . [ "Cannot load library /usr/pkg/lib/kde4/ (Cannot open "/usr/pkg/lib/kde4/")" ] 
kio_http(29873)/kio_http_debug HTTPProtocol::findCookies: Can't communicate with kded_kcookiejar! 

The library mentioned exists and has mode 755.  Not sure why it can't
open it unless it objects to eXecute mode on a library (I personally
think libraries should be 444 or 644 at most).

Anyone else using Konqueror and seeing odd behavior?

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