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Re: firefox-49.0 segfaults frequently

On Tue, Oct 25, 2016, at 10:18, John D. Baker wrote:
> I have since rebuilt 'firefox' with the machine on which it was having
> problems and it seems to have stabilized.  Either that or I've
> subconciously changed my operating habits to mitigate the problem.

Not for me. I've only the one machine, so my firefox is always built on
the system on which it runs, and I still see intermittent segfaults. I
*think* they correlate with playing either HTML5 video (which mostly
works, except when it kills the browser) or pages with long-running or
demanding scripts. Of course, those could just be two things that stress
the memory management more than usual. I haven't yet found a recipe for
reproducibly triggering a fault, nor have I found the time to rebuild
everything with debug symbols to get a meaningful backtrace.

Is there any information online about what problems are
expected/known with the new electrolysis code? It would be useful to
check whether we're running into a known issue or seeing something
pkgsrc/NetBSD specific.

-- IDL

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