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Re: prosody and lua-sec-0.6 problem

> 3. 10. 2016 v 22:23, Stefan Hertenberger <>:
> hi, 
> i did a full update of my server with pkg_chk after the completed
> update i tried to connect to prosody and it doesn't work. After a bit
> of research i found out that luaSec-0.6 doesn't work with lua 5.1, but
> luaSec-0.5 does. A downgrade of luaSec-0.6 to luaSec-0.5 fixed the
> problem.
>> I’m curious about this, as this bug suggests that they added
>> rudimentary 5.2 support in the 0.9 branch:
> The prosody homepage specifies lua 5.1 as
> runtime dependency, so i thought it doesn't run with 5.2 or 5.3.

It doesn’t normally. If you edit the version required in $PREFIX/util/dependencies.lua though, it will happily start with Lua 5.2 (and luasec-0.6), so the code looks ready for 5.2 (and 5.3 support should come in 0.10).


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