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wireshark and lua


   net/wireshark build failed to build; the last thing in the log was
that it found lua 5.3 and then aborted.  Some quick searches revealed
that wireshark doesn't support 5.3, and there are some hints that it
never will (a bugtrack entry mentioned that they'll focus on 5.4 support
when it's released instead, due to some important lua module used by
wireshark not having been updated for 5.3).

   It's apparently a known issue that the configure script can find 5.3
and fail even though a usable 5.2 is installed.

   In my mk.conf I have LUA_DEFAULT_VERSION set to 53, so it's no huge
surprise it fails.  But is there something like LUA_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED OR
LUA_UNSUPPORTED_VERSIONS which could be used for net/wireshark to force
a version downgrade, or cause it to error out earlier with an
appropriate message from pkgsrc rather than the slightly confusing "I
found lua 5.3 .. so I'm aborting!" message configure yields?

   Practical solution:

.if ${PKGPATH} == "net/wireshark"

Kind Regards,

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