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LXDE & Linux

I'm curious to know whether there are any users running pkgsrc environments such as LXDE 
(that is, built with X11_TYPE=modular set in mk.conf)

Running a minimal Ubuntu 3.14.77-81 aarch64 I'm able to get Xorg and numerous applications
going, but am confounded on how to get gdm/LXDE (for example) working correctly with native dbus.

Already had a brief encounter with xdg-user-dirs that I was able to quickly thwart further 
problems by simply deinstalling the native flavor and symlinking /etc/xdg to $PREFIX/etc/xdg.

Even have libreoffice working okay thanks to pkg_alternatives which greatly helped to 
temporarily get over an issue where native python happens to get called at run-time
instead of pkgsrc python.. (note to myself: have to get back to try to fix that)

But there seems to be somewhat serious issues around dbus/consolekit/polkit of which I'm not 
familiar enough with to sort out...

I'm totally lost on this systemd stuff, which appears to be one of the reasons dbus is native.

Any hints on getting this to work together?  Anybody have it working?
In the meanwhile I'm preparing to see if Xfce4 fares better...

I'm endeavoring to get our userland environment completely working on a bunch of darn
cool odroid-c2's before trying to get NetBSD running on them.

Richard PALO

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