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Re: proposal: remove pkg_tarup from make replace

Let's look beyond the message that gets displayed, and see how things work.

I'd be interested in how you would make sure (before installing any packages) that pkg_tarup was installed. We don't want to install that all the time, or with bootstrap; besides, pkgsrc on NetBSD doesn't require a bootstrap anyway. At the time that pkg_tarup is required, we're in the middle of an installation of a completely different package, and have raised privileges accordingly. It would be difficult to jump off into the pkgtools directory and install pkg_tarup at that time -- not impossible, just difficult.

So there are 2 choices to make at that time (when the replace target has been "invoked"):

1. ensure pkg_tarup exists, by installing pkg_tarup in the same way that digest is a required package, or
2. display a message about installing pkg_tarup so people can do it for themselves

Which is how pkg_tarup came to have a message displayed about it -- I'm the one who implemented it that way.

In the whole scheme of things, though, pkg_tarup is just a wrapper around pkg_create(1) anyway, setting up the environment to point to the correct files, and so I arguably could have gone the extra mile and just done the same with the shell script in the "replace" target of; but that would have looked VERY crufty, and remember that we grew the "replace" target long before the Debian-like destdir implementation we have now; things looked different then.

So, sorry you think things suck, but I wouldn't do it any differently if I were to do it now.


On 12 September 2016 at 14:52, Swift Griggs <> wrote:
On Mon, 12 Sep 2016, Benny Siegert wrote:
> > Does anyone who uses make replace find the current pkg_tarup invocation
> > useful, and if so would be they be troubled by removing it?
> I hate it. I also hate the fact that you cannot ?make replace? until you
> manually install pkg_tarup.

I always wondered why it just spat out a message instead of simply
compiling pkg_tarup. However, if it's all going away, then uhm, hurrah!


PS: pkg_tarup on it's own, rocks. It's just the dependency that had a bit
of suck.

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