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libreoffice / pkgsrc-2016Q2 problem?


it seems to me that me updating libreoffice to the version in
pkgsrc-2016Q2, version, has broken important parts of the
functionality.  Attempts at opening either a known good .odt or
.docx file results in a pop-up error message saying

  Component cannot be loaded, possibly broken or incomplete
  installation.  Full error message:

  loading component library

Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to that directory and doing "ldd" on reveals the following shared objects are still not

% ldd /usr/pkg/libreoffice- | grep not
        -lboost_system.1.60.0 => not found
        -lboost_system.1.60.0 => not found
        -lboost_iostreams.1.60.0 => not found

The only libboost_system files in /usr/pkg are:

% find /usr/pkg -name \*boost_system\*

i.e. not the same version, and thus not found.  Rebuilding
libreoffice from source does not change this problem.

Anyone have any idea where the dependency on
libboost_system.1.60.0 comes from?


- Håvard

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