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Binary package missing


As it is a transient thing, I was reluctant to file a pr, hope somebody notices it... 

On 7.0.1 (amd64) pkgin refuses to install osabi-NetBSD, as it is for 7.0 apparently. Subsequently all packages depending on it fail to install as well (i.e. mate).

# pkgin install -d osabi-NetBSD-7.0
calculating dependencies... done.

nothing to upgrade.
1 packages to be installed (0B to download, 0B to install):


proceed ? [Y/n]
downloading packages...
installing packages...
installing osabi-NetBSD-7.0...
The Operating System version (7.0.1) does not match 7.0
pkg_install warnings: 0, errors: 1

One has to go through pkgsrc again, which defeats the purpose... 

repositories.conf correctly points to .


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