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Re: lang/go build failed

uh... sorry.

that's no problem. just "out of memory".

I found people of same symptoms.

2016-08-15 20:31 GMT+09:00 Benny Siegert <>:
>> bootstrap/compile/internal/gc
>> go build bootstrap/compile/internal/gc:
>> /usr/pkg/go14/pkg/tool/netbsd_amd64/6g: signal: killed
> Oh. Can you check what signal killed the 6g process? Can you compile a
> simple Go program using  "/usr/pkg/go14/bin/go build"?

I don't know signal. I know killed from UVM(later).
I  build source of golang(git clone) , but became a similar problem.
so, pkgsrc has no problem.

I increase swap(*1), (and increase tmp(*2)), so build success.

*1: increase swap, because "out of memory".


 UVM: pid 9181.1 (6g), uid 0 killed: out of swap
 UVM: pid 22202.1 (6g), uid 0 killed: out of swap
 UVM: pid 6389.1 (6g), uid 0 killed: out of swap

increase swap (

 % dd if=/dev/zero bs=1m count=2048 of=/home/swap
 % chmod 600 /home/swap
 % swapctl -a -p 1 /home/swap

*2: increase tmp, because "no space left on device"

build log

 # cmd/trace
 /home/rin/work/go/pkg/tool/netbsd_amd64/link: flushing
$WORK/cmd/trace/_obj/exe/a.out: write $WORK/cmd/trace/_obj/exe/a.out:
no space left on device

$WORK is /tmp

 % GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP=/usr/pkg/go14 /usr/pkg/go14/bin/go build -work

increase tmp. edit fstab(and remount)

 before 64MB
  tmpfs           /tmp    tmpfs   rw,-m=1777,-s=67253760
 after 500MB
  tmpfs           /tmp    tmpfs   rw,-m=1777,-s=524288000

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