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pkgsrc-current packages for Linux (eglibc) running on ARMv7 & newer systems

As an experiment, I'm working to make available the result of the
bulkbuilds I run on various platforms so users can evaluate packages for
themselves without going through a potentially lengthy build / bootstrap

Though I'm a member of this project, these should be deemed unofficial
packages with the caveat that they're for your own evaluation for now
(if it works in your test env go and set things up for yourself).

The systems these packages are built on are mainly using systems which I
rent from a hosting company but also I run builds on donated systems by
members of the community. I've not yet decided if I'll make the packages
built on the donated systems but to get the ball rolling, here's the
packages for me Linux (eglibc) on ARM :

Packages built on a Scaleway C1 ARMv7l server running Debian Jessie.
These packages should in theory work on a Raspberry PI 2 & 3, Google
Nexus Tablet and a BeagleBone Black along with anything else with a
ARMv7 or newer CPU. Assuming you're running a Linux distro which uses
eglibc but I welcome feedback if you managed to use the packages without
issue on a flavour of Linux with a different libc.

Tested on Google Nexus 2012 7" with a Debian chroot & a Raspberry Pi 3
running Raspbian.

Bulkbuild report for current version of packages:

To get started:
1) Fetch bootstrap.tar.gz from

2) As root: tar -xzf bootstrap.tar.gz -C /

3) export

4) pkg_add -v irssi

5) irssi should be installed in /usr/pkg/bin

6) confirm by running /usr/pkg/sbin/pkg_info


Sevan Janiyan

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