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Re: AW: Using security/openssl from pkgsrc

Benny Siegert <> writes:

>> Is there a way of doing this for only OpenSSL, e.g. some rc.conf that 
>> says that the OpenSSL from pkgsrc must be used by all programs that need 
>> OpenSSL?
> You can put
> Into your /etc/mk.conf (or /usr/pkg/etc/mk.conf).

True.  But what this means is that when you rebuild a package from
pkgsrc, it will link against pkgsrc openssl.  Until you do, it will keep
using what it was using.

Also, base system programs will continue to use the base system openssl.

Generally, pkgsrc defaults to preferring pkgsrc openssl on platforms
where it is known that the base system openssl is not adequate.  I don't
think we want a blanket change.  So it could well be good to reevalute
various os/versions, if there are some combinations for which there is
no expectation of the base system dropping SSL2.

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