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Re: [PATCH] fix 2015Q4 textproc/icu build (on CentOS 7)

Applied, thank you!

On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 8:20 PM Thomas Orgis <> wrote:

I encountered that funny out of memory / segfault crash during
textproc/icu build with 2015Q4 on CentOS 7 using gcc-4.9.3. This is a
known issue, see

. Attached is a patch on the pkgsrc tree that applies the fix and
enables the build to succeed for me.

Fun fact aside: A manual build using that compiler outside pkgsrc works
fine, only the build within the pkgsrc/buildlink environment triggers
that crash. I was not able to discern any obvious difference like
differing CFLAGS or such. Perhaps the combination with some pkgsrc tool
being picked up instead of a system on.

Alrighty then,


Dr. Thomas Orgis
Universität Hamburg
RRZ / Zentrale Dienste / HPC
Schlüterstr. 70
20146 Hamburg
Tel.: 040/42838 8826
Fax: 040/428 38 6270

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