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py-sphinx and distributed javascript

Just a quick observation, I notice with the new py-sphinx another side-effect...

Updating pgadmin3 with the option 'doc' I see:
>  ${PLIST.doc}share/pgadmin3/docs/en_US/_static/jquery.js
> +${PLIST.doc}share/pgadmin3/docs/en_US/_static/jquery-1.11.1.js
>  ${PLIST.doc}share/pgadmin3/docs/en_US/_static/underscore.js
> +${PLIST.doc}share/pgadmin3/docs/en_US/_static/underscore-1.3.1.js
>  ${PLIST.doc}share/pgadmin3/docs/en_US/_static/websupport.js

I notice other packages such as py-tortoisehg also needed to add this type of thing.

Is this really normal and expected, or is it perhaps an actual anomalie?

If you actually compare the files, the contents look similar -- the non-versioned looks strip compressed.

Richard PALO

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