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Anyone made Pianobar or Pithos work? There is currently no native Pandora client available in pkgsrc for NetBSD. Both of these work under FreeBSD, and Pianobar works under OpenBSD. However, because of the way Pandora works a lot of clumsy API's have to get layered on. So, this means lots of GST abstraction layer hell. So, I'm not surprised nobody has taken it on. The last few times I've tried to compile Pianobar it's bombed. I even tried with Pithos once. That was a true gstreamer nightmare. I swear the Gnome and KDE crowd like writing abstraction layers more than real code. *shakes head*

Pianobar (console player)

Pithos (GTK player)


PS: Yes, in the meantime, the rinky-dink online Flash version of Pandora mostly works.

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