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dbus (on Mac OS X)


   When I resize the meld window on Mac OS X, I get messages in the
terminal about a dbus-launch failing (returns 1).  I also have a problem
that meld segfaults as soon as I try to edit settings in the preference
window, and I'm wondering if these issues are related.

   I figured it would (partially) solve itself if I ran dbus-daemon, but
I quickly realized this wasn't as easy as on NetBSD (perhaps further
being complicated by the fact that I bootstrapped with
"--unprivileged"), and I found some contradictory information concerning
dbus on Mac OS X which made me realize it would be better to ask someone
who has actually set it up.

   Anyone with a working dbus-daemon configuration on Mac OS X who'd
like to share some pointers?

   Running "dbus-daemon --system" complains about missing "messagebus"
UID and GID, which makes sense.  I have a sneaking suspicion that if I
set up a custom dbus configuration file where I set up myself as dbus
user, I'll anyway run into another issue later where "root" is needed(?).

   While googling around I found some mentions of "just run launchctl
magic-plist-file" (I couldn't find any such .plist-file on my system
though), but also saw "Running dbus as a launchd service is no longer
supported".  Not quite sure what to think..


Kind Regards,

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