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Re: 6.1_2015Q3 and X11 dependencies

Berndt Josef Wulf <> writes:

> I've the following entry in the repository.conf file:
> I usually would do:
> pkgin update
> pkgin upgrade or pkgin full-upgrade
> to update installed packages, which worked flawlessly until now.
> I've just noticed that the system still used an old version of
> pkgin-0.8.0nb1. AFter manually upgrading to pkgin-0.9.3 using pkg_add
> and all appears to work again. Not sure why pkgin didn't get updated in
> the past.

not sure either, and not sure why that matters.

> pkgin requires pkg_install, which also installs
> pkg_{add,admin,create,delete,info} duplicating the native NetBSD
> binaries.
> Perhaps a conflict between the native and pkgsrc utils?

It doesn't conflict; they are in different paths.

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