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Re: missing math functions on powerpc (macppc)?

On Fri, 18 Dec 2015, Frank Wille wrote:

> John D. Baker wrote:
> > See pkg/49600 and the hack I posted therein.  I've since derived a
> > better one:
> That works. Thanks!

I wonder if, in your case, droping the "-maltivec" flag rather than
"-O3" would work around the bug as well?

> But this is only a workaround. Shouldn't a compiler bug be fixed in the
> compiler? Otherwise the number of patches will increase in the future. I
> mean, was it even reported to the gcc-people?

Yes, I agree that fixing the compiler bug would be best.  This is the
most attention that PR has gotten since I filed it.  I've not really
had energy to investigate and try to come up with a test case to trigger
it on demand.  So, no I've not reported it upstream.

In light of the libvpx 1.5.0 shenanigans, perhaps my request to close
the PR is premature.  If the PowerPC support can be brought forward
to v1.5.0, the ICE might appear again.

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