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missing math functions on powerpc (macppc)?

Trying to update "multimedia/ffmpeg010" on macppc-current (7.99.24)
fails when it claims the libvpx version is insufficient, despite
the prior dependency discovery:

$ make
=> Bootstrap dependency digest>=20010302: found digest-20121220
===> Skipping vulnerability checks.
WARNING: No /var/db/pkg/pkg-vulnerabilities file found.
WARNING: To fix run: `/usr/sbin/pkg_admin -K /var/db/pkg fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities'.
=> Checksum SHA1 OK for ffmpeg-0.10.16.tar.bz2
=> Checksum RMD160 OK for ffmpeg-0.10.16.tar.bz2
=> Checksum SHA512 OK for ffmpeg-0.10.16.tar.bz2
===> Installing dependencies for ffmpeg010-20150312.0.10.16nb2
The supported build options for ffmpeg010 are:

        faac lame libvpx opencore-amr theora vorbis
        x264 xvid

The currently selected options are:

        faac lame libvpx opencore-amr theora vorbis
        x264 xvid

You can select which build options to use by setting PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS
or the following variable.  Its current value is shown:

        PKG_OPTIONS.ffmpeg010 = faac opencore-amr

=> Tool dependency libtool-base>=2.2.6bnb3: found libtool-base-2.4.2nb10
=> Tool dependency gmake>=3.81: found gmake-4.1nb1
=> Tool dependency perl>=5.0: found perl-5.22.0
=> Tool dependency texi2html>=1.76: found texi2html-5.0nb5
=> Build dependency yasm>=0.7.2: found yasm-1.3.0
=> Full dependency faac>=1.24nb1: found faac-1.28
=> Full dependency opencore-amr>=0.1.2: found opencore-amr-0.1.3
=> Full dependency libtheora>=1.0alpha3nb1: found libtheora-1.1.1nb2
=> Full dependency libvorbis>=1.1.0nb1: found libvorbis-1.3.5
=> Full dependency lame>=3.98.2nb1: found lame-3.99.5nb3
=> Full dependency xvidcore>=1.1.0nb1: found xvidcore-1.3.3
=> Full dependency x264-devel>=20111207: found x264-devel-20150717
=> Full dependency libvpx>=1.5.0: found libvpx-1.5.0
===> Overriding tools for ffmpeg010-20150312.0.10.16nb2
===> Extracting for ffmpeg010-20150312.0.10.16nb2
===> Patching for ffmpeg010-20150312.0.10.16nb2
=> Applying pkgsrc patches for ffmpeg010-20150312.0.10.16nb2
=> Fixing configuration path.
===> Creating toolchain wrappers for ffmpeg010-20150312.0.10.16nb2
===> Configuring for ffmpeg010-20150312.0.10.16nb2
mkdir /d0/build/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010/work/ffmpeg-0.10.16/tmp
=> Replacing Perl interpreter in doc/
=> Replacing sh interpreter in configure
ERROR: libvpx decoder version must be >=0.9.1

If you think configure made a mistake, make sure you are using the latest
version from Git.  If the latest version fails, report the problem to the mailing list or IRC #ffmpeg on
Include the log file "config.log" produced by configure as this will help
solving the problem.
*** Error code 1

make[1]: stopped in /x/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /x/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010

NetBSD sawtooth.technoskunk.fur 7.99.24 NetBSD 7.99.24 (GENERIC) #3: Tue Dec 15 23:53:57 CST 2015  sysop%x3650.technoskunk.fur@localhost:/r0/build/current/obj/macppc/sys/arch/macppc/compile/GENERIC macppc

Examining the "config.log" file reveals:

WARNING: unknown architecture macppc
check_lib2 vpx/vpx_decoder.h vpx/vp8dx.h vpx_codec_dec_init_ver -lvpx
check_func_headers vpx/vpx_decoder.h vpx/vp8dx.h vpx_codec_dec_init_ver -lvpx
check_ld cc -lvpx
BEGIN /d0/build/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010/work/ffmpeg-0.10.16/tmp/ffconf.7UWGrOAV.c
    1   #include <vpx/vpx_decoder.h>
    2   #include <vpx/vp8dx.h>
    3   long check_vpx_codec_dec_init_ver(void) { return (long) vpx_codec_dec_init_ver; }
    4   int main(void) { return 0; }
END /d0/build/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010/work/ffmpeg-0.10.16/tmp/ffconf.7UWGrOAV.c
gcc -I/usr/pkg/include -I/usr/include -D_ISOC99_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -DPIC -O2 -I/usr/pkg/include -I/usr/include -std=c99 -fPIC -pthread -c -o /d0/build/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010/work/ffmpeg-0.10.16/tmp/ffconf.Pjzpp8Un.o /d0/build/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010/work/ffmpeg-0.10.16/tmp/ffconf.7UWGrOAV.c
gcc -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib/ffmpeg010 -L/usr/pkg/lib -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib -L/usr/lib -Wl,-R/usr/lib -Wl,--as-needed -Wl,-z,noexecstack -o /d0/build/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010/work/ffmpeg-0.10.16/tmp/ffconf.869bZJIc /d0/build/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010/work/ffmpeg-0.10.16/tmp/ffconf.Pjzpp8Un.o -lvpx -lvorbisenc -lvorbis -logg -ltheoraenc -ltheoradec -logg -lopencore-amrwb -lopencore-amrnb -lmp3lame -lfaac -lm -pthread -lbz2 -lz
/d0/build/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010/work/.buildlink/lib/ undefined reference to `round'
/d0/build/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010/work/.buildlink/lib/ undefined reference to `log'
/d0/build/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010/work/.buildlink/lib/ undefined reference to `sqrt'
/d0/build/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010/work/.buildlink/lib/ undefined reference to `log10'
/d0/build/pkgsrc/multimedia/ffmpeg010/work/.buildlink/lib/ undefined reference to `pow'
ERROR: libvpx decoder version must be >=0.9.1

I'm wondering where the problem actually lies as "/lib/" has all
the symbols being complained about.  Was libvpx somehow built incorrectly?

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